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My name is Madison- the Owner & Creator of HI SUGAR. Here is my sweet about me, on how HI SUGAR became a sweet business. 


Have you ever heard the saying there is a "Bun in the Oven"? Well that's where this story begins.

As my due date came and passed, with nesting instincts on overdrive -- I anxiously awaited for my little Bun's timer to go off. As the days ticked by- I needed a distraction.

My mom was at our home in Southern Maryland, and suggested baking. With a shrug of the shoulders we decided cookies and dove right in.

Flour, eggs, sugar and butter! ALL READY, SET, LETS GO.

Thats when things started smoking- quite literally.. STARTED SMOKING. My hand mixer- let out a puff of smoke and stopped in mid mix. We had a cookie disaster on our hands.

Being 9 months pregnant- and a "tad bit emotional" I burst into tears. My mother being a little bit over-the-top and a problem-solver at heart jumped in the car and returned with a brand new Professional Grade Stand Mixer-- to ensure I could finish that batch of sugar cookies.

I thought why would I need something so big for one batch?! Funny- that mixer has been running ever since.

one batch turned into many.

My first batch was cutout sugar cookies- in a Baby Collection- that were given to my nurses and doctor at the hospital. On that day I become a mother and I guess a baker! Sometimes I wonder what I got myself mixed up in-- it turned out to be SUGARY BLISS!!

Being a stay at home mom and perusing my passion for baking has been a sweet dream.



We offer classic drop cookies that we all know and love in sweet, delicious and unique flavors, and a variety of flavors of cutout Sugar Cookies that can be custom designed!

We make cookies for all occasions! Because, we all know, NO event is complete without a cookie! 


Well... maybe a few more ingredients. Each package of cookies comes with a list of ingredients to ensure the safely of your guests.

Depending on the flavor, the ingredients vary. Base ingredients include enriched sifted flour, eggs, butter, vanilla and of course SUGAR.

(Please feel free to let me know of any dietary restrictions! I am happy to provide a full list of ingredients for any cookie creation)


EASY AS 1-2-3...

Ordering Cookies from Hi Sugar could not be easier. You start with your date, the amount you would like and choosing your flavors. If you are looking for custom cookies you choose a cut out flavor and send me your theme or design inspiration! Hi Sugar draws up your cookies and sends you over a proof! After you approve, we send over a detailed invoice pricing out your cookies.


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